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A Prayer In Times of Uncertainty
Holy One,
We come before you today, knowing that you are with us.
In this time of persistent change and unknowing, we crave your ever-present grace.
In this space of many questions and few answers, we are desperate for your truth.
In this storm of confusion and uncertainty, we desire your constancy of love.
Speak peace to the fears we name in our hearts and minds.
Calm the inner and unspoken anxieties we carry.
Soothe our wearied and worried souls from the incessant angst.
For those whose bodies bear illness, we pray.
For those whose minds are trapped in fear, we pray.
For those whose spirits are devastated by isolation, we pray.
Help us remember that you are with us, for you alone give us strength and wholeness of being.
In your holy name we pray. Amen.
- Anglican Fellowship of Prayer
Prayer during Covid-19

Thanks be to you, Holy God, Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, for all your blessings, and For walking with us through this time of crisis.

Thank you for family and friends, for their love and friendship and the many ways they serve You and Your church. Give us a true sense of your presence. Fill us with the knowledge of Your will, In all wisdom and spiritual understanding, That we may walk worthy of you, O God, fully pleasing to You, in this time of crisis.

After weeks of lockdown and as restrictions are lifted, make us fruitful in every good work.  Show us how to reach out to family, friends, and neighbors, even though we may not be physically present with them.

Heavenly Father, draw us close to you through prayer and through your Word. By your Holy Spirit, give us a measure of health and strength for each day, according to Your glorious power. Grant us patience and tolerance, with the joy that you have placed in our Spirit, and let your peace rest upon us and upon our home, as we await the end of this pandemic.

For we ask this in the precious name of your son, Jesus Christ our Lord, in whom is our hope and our salvation!  Amen.  

A Prayer to Receive Healing

Dear God, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I reach forward today, touch the hem of Your garment, and receive my healing. Yes, I want to get well. Give me the faith to walk in freedom and victory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

- Sharon Jaynes (source