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As reported in last week’s eNews the project to provide a mobile medical clinic in the Diocese of Ho has received matching funding from various levels of Rotary, which means that we are now only $16,000 short of the target of $268,000 (with $188,800 from Rotary). It is exciting news and I want to thank everyone in the Diocese who has contributed towards this outcome, especially the Companion Diocese Committee led by Robbie Griffin from Grand Manan. We now come to the final push, so that we can access the pledged funds and place the vehicle order with Malley Industries of Moncton. The plan is to have the clinic operating in Ghana by the end of the year. My request to individuals and vestries is that we give to get this ball over the line. Diocesan Council pledged $5,000 at its meeting on Saturday. If by God’s grace and our commitment we exceed the necessary amount that is all to the good. We will be able to provide more equipment and consumables for the clinic. The aim of the Diocese of Ho, working with partners locally and from here, is to provide medical care for people in the rural areas of the Volta Region. The vehicle will be staffed by medical students and doctors from the regional hospital. In addition, specialists will travel when necessary. It has also been agreed that a member of the clergy will accompany the clinic to provide counsel as needed. Gifts from vestries and individuals should be sent to Synod Office marked for the Ho Medical Clinic.  Donations can also be made online at